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TraffiStar SR290: Efficient traffic monitoring at different measuring locations thanks to highly developed 3D radar technology

The compact TraffiStar SR290 3D radar measurement system can be put to optimum use for monitoring traffic on motorways, 'A' roads, in cities and in crossing areas.

TraffiStar SR290 3D radar measurement system

The TraffiStar SR290 from Jenoptik gives you a complete view of oncoming and departing traffic: Thanks to power-saving LED infrared flashes you control red light and speed violations with reliability and precision – on up to three lanes simultaneously.

The lightweight 3D radar measurement system which weighs only 35 kilograms, is ideal for traffic monitoring in different locations: on motorways, on 'A' roads, in cities and in crossing areas. The TraffiStar SR290 is in an extremely compact housing. You make efficient use of the technology as a so-called One Pole Solution. You can also measure larger areas with just a single pole – e.g. multi-lane crossings in different driving directions. This means that you save time and money in stationary monitoring compared to a system with distributed components. If required, the TraffiStar SR290 can be easily integrated in an existing infrastructure.

The highly-developed radar sensor of the TraffiStar SR290 is non-invasive. This means that the technology is not embedded in the road surface. This prevents expensive road closures and construction work.

The 3D radar measurement system controls all vehicle movements long before the photo triggering point. Thereby, the system distinguishes between different vehicle types such as cars and trucks. You also determine the lanes in which they are. Different speed limits can even be assigned to the individual lanes.

You can easily add more functionality to the TraffiStar SR290 – and adapt the system quickly and cost-effectively. The modern radar measurement system is optionally equipped with visual traffic light phase detection. If the traffic light changes to green, it measures the speed – and with a red light it automatically changes and records both red light and speed violations.

The ANPR function (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), for example, ensures that the TraffiStar SR290 records registration plates during traffic monitoring and immediately compares it with databases. For example, this includes blacklists (wanted lists) or white lists such as for bus lanes in which the registration plates of these vehicles are listed.

The TraffiStar SR290 records traffic violations in razor sharp images which can be used as evidence in court. An additional video optionally permanently records the situation and provides recordings several seconds before and after the speed or red light infringement. These are ideal as secondary evidence.


  • Flexible: Combined monitoring of speed and red light violations.
  • Efficient: Record several lanes and vehicles simultaneously.
  • Practical: Compact and lightweight housing can easily be integrated in the infrastructure.
  • Non-invasive: No intervention in the road surface necessary thanks to 3D tracking radar.
  • Precise: Provides high-resolution recordings of violations and video evidence.
  • User-friendly: System is easy to adapt to individual requirements.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic safety: Monitor red light and speed violations on motorways, “A“roads, in points of intersection and in the city by means of 3D tracking radar.


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